4. Advanced Preferences

fmPreferences - Advanced Preferences

Advanced preferences option is divided into four sections.

  1. Database section allows you to:
    • Run database compatibility test on startup.
    • Use My SQL protocol compression.
    • Set table prefix. All tables with your data will have this prefix. If you have several Stores this option will be useful for you.
    • Enable/Disable "Create new database" button.
    • Write detailed SQL log. This option will save SQL log files for you.
    • StrikeOut out of stock products.
    • Show preferences on startup.
    • Specify Reports directory.
    • Specify additional server parameters.
  2. FTP Section allows you to:
    • Set Maximum FTP threats.
    • Enable/Disable the option to download images automatically.
    • Enable/Disable Cache images option.
  3. Notifications section allows you to:
    • Enable/Disable whether to Notify that new updates are available or not.
    • Enable/Disable whether new order notifications are received or not.
    • Set the ID of the last order.
  4. Miscellaneous section allows you to:
    • Show or hide left-bottom banner.
    • Show tips and tricks on start-up.
    • Enable/Disable WYSIWYG HTML editors.
    • Indicate Store URL. It can be the same as database host.
    • Enable/Disable whether to reset layout settings when new version installed (Recommended).

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