6. Database compatibility test


In order to find out whether Store Manager will work with your store shopping cart you can run the databases compatibility testing.

Database compatibility test button

Go to the Tools section and click on 'Database Compatibility Test' option. The database will be compared with the standard CRE Loaded base and result of verification displays in the dialog window.

You can check the critical errors and warnings. This testing is useful also when you would like to install the some third-party solutions in your software but are not sure whether these solutions will be work.

If you go to Settings tab and select Preferences section of the Store Manager you will be able in the Advanced Database Settings area check the appropriate field - namely 'Run database compatibility test on startup' - and this

process will be performed automatically each time you start the software.

Compatibility database test on startup

The warnings you may see are more for advanced users and developers. Please disregard those if you didn't see any errors.

Test compatibility without errors

If you are getting errors please check the database fields and fix this error if possible (and you know how to do this).

Test compatibility with errors