3. Advanced Filters

fmPreferences - Advanced Filters Management

Advanced filters are column filters that can be applied to basically any column of the current page (table). They allow you to show and hide rows (filter) based on the content of the cell(s).

Data filtration can be executed in any table on the base of filter factors. Required factors are specified in the drop-down list of column titles.

If you select Custom option, the filter window will appear. It creates a filter statement that will be applied. You can choose this option even if some filter is already established. In this case you'll see this filter's structure.

There are several values for the data filtration you can select from. They are all listed in a column title droop-down with the check-boxes. Filtration is applied as soon as you mark a box.

If filter for any column is established, then it will be reflected in a special panel that appears at the bottom of the page.

There is a check-box that allows you to disable current filtration, and show all the products. However, it does not close Advanced Filter panel.

If you press it will do both: disable filtration and close panel.

When clicking you will see a list of all Advanced filters applied previously. You can change your current filter to the ones you previously used.

If you click Customize button you'll see Filter Builder form with current filter structure. You can make the following changes here: add, edit or remove filter parameters.

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