1. Edit Order

fmOrderEdit - Edit Order Form

This is the dialog window you'll be working with in case you need to create a new order or edit the existing one. It contains the following pages:


On this page Customer's Full Name can be selected and Nick Name entered. You can also select a payment method and card type from the ones available at your store. Then card information (its number, expiration date and owner's name) has to be entered if needed. On this page you can also see date of purchase, order status, order Currency and total.

Address details

Order details include date of purchase and order status. Also there are separate categories Customer (Address Book data), Billing Address, Shipping Address. Please note, that any customer data changes that are made on this page will be saved for this order only, without changing customer's profile.

Additional fields

This page looks like a two-column table with the list of parameters and their values. The content of this page depends on the order/payment contributions, which you have installed at your store.

For example, if you're using eMagicOne Google Checkout "google_order_id" field will be available (it will be filled out for Google Checkout orders).


This option looks like a two-column table, with the list of parameters and their values, like a unique order ID.