4. Order Details, Invoice and Packing Slip Reports

fmOrders - Order Details, Invoice and Packing Slip Reports Features

You can see "Order details", "Invoice" and "Packing slip" Reports icons on the main Orders toolbar

Orders Toolbar

or you can use context menu by clicking right mouse button on the orders page.

From these pages you can export current order report, let's say to Excel, and save it to be able to edit order data. There's also Edit page option that allows to edit report data and its layout. Any changes made to a specific report will not be saved as an order change or a template change.

Such reports as Invoice, Packing Slip and Order are default. To edit one of these templates run Report Tool and open an appropriate file. Default report templates are stored in Start -> All Programs -> eMagicOne-> Store Manager for ... -> Application Data -> Reports, English sub-directory in .fr3 files. Download User's Manual to learn how to edit report templates.

Remember that every report besides of its template needs some data to be displayed. To customize data for a report you have to modify its .sql files.

If you're satisfied with the settings just hit the print button.

Order details report looks like:

Print Invoice button calls the form above.

And Packing slip report is as follows.