10. Mass Actions

fmFastProductsSearch - Mass Actions Feature

Except basic actions you can use mass product actions such as:

    1. Clear attributes from one or several CRE Loaded products simultaneously. You have to confirm this operation.
    2. Set group prices for selected products with the help of products' context menu.
    1. Assign selected products to any parent product or clear one with the help of products context menu. When you'll choose assign selected CRE Loaded products mass action, you'll see standard search window, where you have to find parent product. For more information on this question, please, see Product Search section.
    1. You can set Out of Stock for empty parent or set In Stock for not empty parent with the help of CRE Loaded product's context menu or subproduct maintenance button.
    2. You can use Mass Product Changer option to modify some attributes for several products at once. For more information on this question, please, see Additional Features chapter.

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