3. Custom Reports

fmCustomReportsForm - Custom Reports Section

Custom Reports can be created and edited directly in Store Manager: not only you can edit existing Sample reports, but also create new ones.

A report is presented as a paper page. At any place on the page, a user is able to define report’s appearance as well as to add objects which can display different information. While creating a new Report the structure is chosen. So the page orientation can be set choosing between two data layouts - tabular and columnar, there are some color schemes available for your report etc.

There are some sample reports available. You need to specify the report period (dates) and it will be shown to you.

Your Store Manager allows you to evaluate the overall efficiency of your store using Custom Reports.

Store Manager allows you to work with a third-party program (Report Tool) for report developing and editing. Download User's Manual to learn more about this tool.

In case you want to add some logo or change text format for some columns, you just need to modify report template (you do not need to modify SQL files).

To edit one of report templates follow few steps:

  1. Run Report Tool - Go to Start -> All Programs -> eMagicOne -> Store Manager -> Report Tool (free third-party application).
  2. Open Report Template (.fr3 file) in the Report Tool - Go to Start -> All Programs -> eMagicOne -> Store Manager for ... -> Application Data -> Reports -> English sub-directory (for default reports like Invoices, etc) and Custom Reports sub-directory (for Custom reports). Also you can find it in C:\Documents and Settings\Your_User\Local Settings\Application Data\eMagicOne Store Manager for ...\Reports\English\ or Custom Reports sub-folder.

Remember that every report besides of its template needs some data to be displayed. To customize the data for any report (in case you would like to add some additional information to your report) you have to modify .sql files. SQL files are stored in Reports\SQL sub-folder. Please note that this requires some SQL skills. Please note that the modification of the report is not a feature of Store Manager itself and we do not provide support for the third-party application (Report Tool).

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