2. Raw Table Editor

RawTablesEditForm - Raw Table Editor Section

This section was created to allow you working with database tables and fields directly.

This page is divided into 2 parts: the first is placed on the left and it contains a List of all tables available at your store; the second is situated on the right and it includes the contents of the Tables selected from this list. Once you've selected a table, it will be shown on the right within 3 tabs. Data tab displays all the data stored in table fields, showing the actual table. DDL tab displays table's data structure in Data Definition Language (any formal language for describing data or information structures of your Database). A subset of SQL instructions is also common.

Fields tab shows a table, structured by fields.

If you select more than one table, content of each will be shown in a separate tab.

No matter what tables are selected, there are some general export options available, such as Export to Excel / HTML and Edit-as-HTML option.

First two options are typical for Store Manager. As for Edit as HTML option, it is active for the Data tab of the selected table. It opens HTML Editor to edit any text in table fields easier and lets check its actual view.

Important note: We strongly recommend to make full DataBase Backup before making any major changes.

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