1. Edit Category

fmEditCategory, ResizeImageSettingsForm, fmOsCommerceRelatedHtmlEditor

To create a new category or edit an existing one, proceed through several steps:

    1. Click on create new or edit category
    1. In the Edit Category form specify the following data:
      • Parent Category - Select parent category from a drop-down list. To create Root/Main/Parent Category just leave this field blank.
      • Category Name - Specify category name the way you'd like it to appear in the front-end.
      • Category Image - Select an Image by clicking:
        • to browse contents of your local folders and select an image. When you press OK button on edit form it will be uploaded to "Images directory" on FTP. When local image is selected, this field will display local image path, that should look like shown in the example C:\My Images\some_image.jpg. However, you have to remember that local image path will be replaced with image name some_image.jpg right after upload.
        • to select some images stored remotely. It may be done by browsing contents of FTP folder, specified as "Images directory".
          • to open Image Resize Rules window. You can add or delete rules if you wish.
      • Sort Order - It allows you to sort categories in any order you wish (Alphabetical order is set by default).
Resize Rules
Add Rule
Delete Rule
      • Category Description - Specify category description exactly the way it's going to appear on product's page. If you enable Raw HTML edit Mode check-box, you will be able to manage your description using raw HTML text.
        • Edit HTML button shows new HTML editor window of category description. It consists of 2 tabs: HTML and Code, and Properties Toolbar. Source preview is useful if you are working directly with "raw" HTML text, which gives you precise control over the tags used in the page. However, by default, you can still work with objects visually.
    1. Additional tab allows you to manage meta information for the category: Titles, Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions.
    1. You can see other language tabs if you have any at your store.
    2. Other tab shows you the category ID. Category ID is for internal use only. You cannot modify this field.
    1. Click Ok to save this entry and to create category, or click cancel to discard this entry.

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