1. Categories and Pages

First you need to Create/Edit Categories. Edit category form is used for this purpose. You can specify category name, sort order, image (if FTP settings are correct), and description of this category. Also in this window you can set category as Active or turn it off. The page categories and their corresponding child pages are displayed at your store in an indented view. There are separate titles for the menu and listing areas so that you have more control over your navigation and content.

The Pages form is used to create and manage your CRE Loaded store pages, like Services, News etc. Here you are viewing a "flat view" page. If you click on Create/Edit button a dialog page will appear to let you manage the page content. You can switch to the raw HTML mode or press Edit HTML button to work directly with "raw" HTML text, which gives you precise control over the tags used in the page. However, by default, you can still work with objects visually.

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